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This extraordinary book serves as a gateway to understanding the intricate workings of God’s Kingdom, presenting its complex concepts in a manner that can be grasped by readers of all ages, including children. Within its pages, readers will discover profound insights that unravel the mysteries concealed within the Scriptures. Designed as a companion to the Bible, it acts as a valuable resource to unlock an array of principles and precepts governing God’s Kingdom.

In the midst of these turbulent times, this book becomes an indispensable guide, offering guidance and clarity to those who seek to navigate the surrounding chaos. Prepare to be enlightened and empowered as you embark on this enlightening journey of discovery.

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Understanding God’s Kingdom is the 1st step in restoring any nation, and America is no exception. America was built upon principles of faith, family and hard work. Unless it returns back to these principles it faces tough times ahead. This book is a must read for everyone who is concerned about their loved ones.

This first foundational book of Keys to Restoring America Series, unveils five hidden keys that when used properly brings the hidden mysteries of God’s kingdom out into the open. It gives you the foundation you need to understand why God made the heaven and earth; how God designed it; how God’s kingdom operates; why you are here on this earth; what is your purpose; and much, much more.



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