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Have you ever yearned for a profound understanding of the mysteries that lie within God’s Kingdom? Have you longed to unravel the intricate workings of the world, comprehending its purpose and your own existence? Have you sought solace in comprehending the true meaning behind the presence of pain and suffering? Have you pondered the enigma of God’s decision to place Satan in this world, despite the anticipated troubles that would arise? Have you desired a comprehensive comprehension of true salvation—what it truly means to be saved and the transformative journey it entails?

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary voyage of enlightenment as you delve into these pages. The answers you seek, meticulously woven within the fabric of this book, will awaken your spirit to new depths of comprehension. Embrace the opportunity to grasp God’s divine plan, allowing it to transform your perception and empower you to conquer the internal battles that hinder your growth. Brace yourself for an encounter with truth and enlightenment that will forever alter your understanding of God’s Kingdom and your place within it.

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This companion journal helps the reader re-enforce the information they learned in the 1st set of books that cover personal salvation.

As you journal your salvation journey you will become more intimate with God, and gain a better understanding of yourself.

It is designed first for the individual, and then for small intimate groups like cell groups or families, to help them understand God’s true plan of salvation for their lives.





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