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As I embarked on the writing journey of this book over two decades ago, I was divinely inspired by the Lord’s message that the key to restoring America lies in the rebuilding of the traditional family. Through His wisdom, the Lord conveyed to me that the biblical family holds within it the profound mysteries of His Kingdom. From that moment onward, every revelation I received regarding His Kingdom was intricately linked to the biblical family, unveiling hidden truths that were previously unseen.


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Now, in this final installment of the series, “Keys to Restoring America,” the focus intensifies on the foundation upon which America was established. It delves into the origins of this great nation, tracing its roots back to religious outcasts who sought a land where they could freely worship God. Furthermore, this book explores the integral role that religion has played throughout each century of America’s existence.

In the following chapters, the book candidly examines the crucial steps that led America astray from its original purpose, causing it to lose its once-great influence. However, amidst the exploration of America’s decline, the narrative takes a turn towards hope and restoration. It unveils the remarkable steps that God Himself is undertaking to restore America to its full purpose and glory.

Within the pages of this book, readers will witness the grand tapestry of America’s spiritual journey, understanding the pivotal role played by the traditional family in this narrative. It is a profound exploration of the divine connection between America’s destiny and the sacred institution of family. Prepare to be captivated as you uncover the steps towards restoration that God is orchestrating, and gain a renewed sense of purpose and faith in America’s future.




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