God’s Plan of Salvation – $9.99


This Book written in simplicity Reveals God’s 7-Step Plan to restore Order to His Kingdom.

Anyone who Reads this book will have no doubts to where they stand with God.


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Have you ever wanted God to explain the mysteries of His Kingdom?

Have you ever wanted to know how God made this world, why it works the way it does, and why you are here?

Have you ever wanted to know the true purpose of so much pain and suffering in this world?

Have you ever wondered why God placed Satan in this world in the first place if He knew the trouble Satan would cause?

Have you ever wanted to know what true salvation is? What you are saved from, or saved to?

Answers to these questions and more are in this book. It is a must read. The answers are given in such simplicity; it is like God Himself giving you the answers.

As you read this book you will experience God on a whole new level. This book unveils God’s step-by-step plan to help you win the war of selfishness within your soul once and for all.






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