Step 1
A Closer Walk with God

This 1st step in this Easy to Follow Three Step Plan uses 7 keys To Rebuild lives and Nations

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"A key principle of God's Kingdom: All things work from the inside out."

If we want to experience a great life experience we must first strengthen our inward connection to God, then allow God's love to help us strengthen or families, and then allow our strong families to rebuild healthy safe communities.

The Goal of our People Are Your Wealth Podcast is to create an environment where you can use these books to build a stronger relationship with God.

Step 1 - Walk Closer With God

A Closer Walk With God Bundle - $29.99

*E-Books Only

E-Book Bundle: Understand God, His kingdom, and your significance to Him.

  1. Unlocking God's Kingdom: 5 hidden keys to unravel His mysteries.
  2. Pre-Man Kingdom: Unveiling what transpired in heaven before mankind.
  3. God's Salvation Plan: Restoring order with His 7-step divine plan.
  4. Personal Salvation Journey: A journal to document your transformative path.

Understanding God's Kingdom - $9.99

*E-Book Only

Unveiling five hidden keys, this foundational book unlocks the mysteries of God's kingdom. Gain understanding of creation, its design, God's kingdom's operation, your purpose, and more.

God's Kingdom Before Mankind - $9.99

*E-Book Only

Discover the pre-Man era of God's Kingdom. Explore daily life, chaos's source, and origins of selfishness and unconditional love.


This second foundational book reveals our inner battle and offers self-understanding. Unveiling mysteries of God's pre-Man Kingdom, it introduces soul adversaries.

God's Plan of Salvation - $9.99

*E-Book Only

Discover God's Kingdom mysteries, creation's purpose, and the role of pain and suffering. Understand Satan's place and the meaning of true salvation. This book provides profound answers, bringing you closer to God. Experience divine revelation and a transformative journey towards defeating selfishness.


Discover the power of simplicity as this book unveils God's 7-Step Plan to restore order in His Kingdom. Gain absolute clarity on your standing with God through its profound teachings.


My Personal Journey to Salvation - $9.99

*E-Book Only

Reinforce your personal salvation with this companion journal. Deepen your intimacy with God and gain self-understanding. Designed for individuals and small groups, it illuminates God's true plan of salvation for your life.


Unveil the mysteries of God's Kingdom. Find purpose, understand suffering, and explore salvation. Embark on an enlightening journey within these pages, transforming your perception and conquering internal battles. Experience truth and enlightenment that reshape your understanding of God's Kingdom and your role within it.

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